Building Air Power

January 2014 we went to Cape Town South Africa to make a final decision on which company would build our catamaran.  We went with Maverick.  Below is a picture of us in front of a Maverick shortly after we made the decision.

Cleaning the mold--first steps Jul 15
Our time line was preparing for a June 2016 retirement--and it takes about 10 months to build so our next step was to put a deposit on to hold our build slot.  We did that in June of 2014.  Build process began July 2015.  Rudi and the team at Maverick are awesome and sent us pictures every week of the progress.  What follows is a photo album of select pictures over the last year as Air Power was being built. 

Laying fiberglass

Yes--this is a bathtub--or will be!

Almost together

Cabinets in progress

Bottom paint

Getting closer!

And here is the finished interior


  1. Jill & Dave,
    Looks like you have adventures ahead in retirement--very exciting! We can't wait to see Air Power in October--and both of you--after your trip across the water!
    Enjoy Life!
    Karen & Alan

  2. Congrat's to both of you on your retirement. Air Power looks great. Enjoy sailing.

  3. Hey Dave,

    You enter your MMSI incorrectly. It should be 367727060.

    Thanks for the update on Air Power and your trip down to Cape Town. 24 hours in the air. Way to long.....

  4. WOW!! Swaannkkeeee! Far more luxurious than I was anticipating. You are by far the most adventurous of the Higginses. Can't wait to see it in person at some point :)

  5. Thank you for sharing. Your boat is Awesome!

  6. Hello do you still own your Air Power, I am considering a purchase and had a few questions.